Emjoi Epilator Review – How It Works

Epilators used to be painful nasty devices!  The first epilator was made by in 1986 in Israel and called the Epilady.  It was a means of grabbing clumps of hair and pulling them out, I tried one once and that was it.  They were a means of torture, similar to waxing as far as I was concerned – give me a razor any day.
You won’t get such a horrible experience from any of today’s modern epilators, they are constructed entirely differently these days, and if you read these best epilator reviews you will see that many women love their Emjoi epilators and would never go back to waxing or razors again. This brief comparison in between Epilator vs Waxing can help you to choose hair removal method to get to rid of unwanted hairs.

The motor in the old Epiladys rotated a spring, so it flexed as it rotated, grabbing the hairs and pulling them out by the roots as it went. The Emagine Tweezer-Head Epilator from Emjoi uses 72 tweezer heads to remove the hair much more safely and comfortably, and according to the latest Emjoi epilator review these are by far one of the most popular epilators on the market today. It beats shaving or waxing and leaves the skin hair-free, bump-free and silky and soft.

With most hair it only takes one pass to rid the skin of unwanted hair with an Emjoi epilator, thus making it less likely that you will break out in a rash or scrape the top layer off your skin. The skin is gently stretched with the Emjoi Tweezer-Head Epilator so it can remove hair more easily.

People who have submitted an Emjoi Epilator review say that the patented technology does indeed reduce irritation, and with one fixed-tweezer disc and two fixed-tweezer discs that open and close, the skin is gently stretched,  increasing comfort and quickly and efficiently removes hair.